Conquering Acorn Squash

As I previously posted, acorn squash is the vegetable of the week. I found a recipe for the intimidating vegetable! The squash actually came with cooking directions attached. Below are the directions that were given:

Micro-preheat the whole squash for 1 minute. Cut the squash in half and remove the seeds and the membranes. Microwave the squash on high, flesh down in 1/4 cup of water for about 8-10 minutes. Turn the squash over when it is fork tender. Drizzle with brown sugar, butter, honey or maple syrup. Serve each half as an individual serving. As a variation, use orange juice as a water substitute when cooking.

However, I wanted to bake the acorn squash in the oven versus cooking it in the microwave. I also wanted to stray away from using brown sugar, butter, honey or maple syrup. Most of the recipes that I found online were recipes for the sweet tooth. I wanted to bake a savory recipe so I could use the acorn squash as a side dish with my dinner. Therefore, I found this simple roasted acorn squash recipe from Eliza Domestica. Eliza also provides her own instructions to make a sweet version of the squash if you are indeed looking to satisfy that sweet tooth.

One difficulty I had preparing the acorn squash was that the squash was a lot harder to cut through that I had imagined. Make sure you have a sharp or serrated knife handy to cut through the squash. I also varied some of the recipe and eliminated the butter and the salt. The acorn squash was actually surprisingly delicious. The squash has somewhat of a sweet taste which I was not expecting. I served the squash with a side of garlic and olive oil couscous. The acorn squash would go well with any main dish as well! Here’s how it turned out!


The top acorn squash half is the garlic savory recipe and the bottom half is the sweet recipe!! Both delicious!

Update: The squash is my fourth serving of fruits and vegetables for the day! One more serving to go! Yay!


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